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Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy

For Cellulite Removal or Body Firming

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CRYOCLINICS Australia now has state-of-the-art medical Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy (ARWT) in-clinic to smooth and firm your skin.

Commonly used for treatment of Cellulite, ARWT is also applied for:

– Skin elasticity and firmness improvement
– Gradual visible smoothening of skin surface
– Circumferential reduction
– Deep tissue massage
– Lymphatic drainage
– Muscle toning
– Post Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatments

ARWT treatment helps to increase fluid exchange in the capillary network and this in turn increases oxygenation and detoxification of the cells. The fibroblasts that create the connective tissue are stimulated to produce collagen and elastin fibres, so the skin becomes firmer, and that uneven ‘orange peel’ effect is reduced.

Enjoy the benefits of this ground-breaking technology with confidence having had proven clinical results, being non-invasive and painless and without downtime post treatment.

Treatments are customised but generally take 20 minutes per treatment. General recommended protocol is twice per week for 6 weeks, then one maintenance treatment every 3 months. There is no downtime after treatment, therefore you can come pay us a visit on your lunch break and return to work afterwards.

CRYOCLINICS Australia will get you looking your best fast. Our highly trained medical professionals can assist you in achieving a slimmer, more sculpted appearance by targeting stubborn fat in problem areas such as your stomach, belly, love handles, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees and chin.

Treatments Customised For You

– Treatments are customised based on your desired results

The Science Behind ARWT

– Acoustic waves are focused to target areas to help release the fluids and toxins retained within fat cells
– As the fat cells release their fluids and toxins they are able to return to a more normal size, and the skin becomes smoother and firmer

Our Goal in Working With You

– Understand your concerns
– Understand your expectations
– Educate you about CRYOCLINICS Australia technology and how we can help you achieve your goals

Comprehensive Pre-Treatment Assessment

– Definition of treatment areas
– Medical history review and assessment
– Clinical photography

Customised Treatment Plan

– Number of treatments
– Frequency of treatments
– Application pattern and sequence

Participating In Your Treatment Plan

– Healthy eating
– Exercise
– Therapeutic hydration (Cryo Alkaline H2O)
– Massage at home or acoustic radial wave therapy with CRYOCLINICS Australia.


– We only use the latest technology. Once technology is tested and approved, it continues to be regulated through post market monitoring and standards enforcement.
– We are 100% committed to patient safety.


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