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Cryolipolysis Treatment

For Fat Removal and Body Shaping

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Why Choose Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing?

CRYOCLINICS Australia is excited to bring you an advanced non-invasive and non-surgical fat removal technology with the Cooltech system.

The Cooltech system is an effective, non-invasive medical device designed for fat reduction treatments, and an alternative to liposuction and other extreme and costly fat reduction procedures. The treatment provides permanent removal of the fat cells at time of treatment, but without the costs and recovery time of liposuction.

Utilising a cooling process called cool-assisted lipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing or non-surgical liposuction, the Cooltech system targets and permanently eliminates fat cells that are present at the time of treatment without damaging the surrounding tissue.

One treatment lasts 60-70 minutes and you can resume your normal activities immediately. You can visit us on your lunch break and return to work afterwards!

Our highly trained therapists can assist you in achieving a slimmer, more sculpted appearance by targeting stubborn fat in problem areas such as your stomach, belly, love handles, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees and chin.

Treatments Customised For You

– Treatments are customised based on your desired results
– Treat individual or multiple areas at the one time for customised results

The Science Behind Cooltech

– Controlled cool-assisted lipolysis treatment
– Induces adipocyte death by dropping temperature in target areas to -8 degrees Celsius
– No damage to surrounding tissue
– Comfortable and relaxing procedure

Our Goal in Working With You

– Understand your concerns
– Understand your expectations
– Educate you about CRYOCLINICS Australia technology and how we can help you achieve your goals

Comprehensive Pre-Treatment Assessment

– Definition of treatment areas
– Medical history review and assessment
– Clinical photography

Customised Treatment Plan

– Number of treatments
– Frequency of treatments
– Application pattern and sequence

Participating In Your Treatment Plan

– Healthy eating
– Exercise
– Therapeutic hydration (Cryo Alkaline H2O)
– Massage at home or acoustic radial wave therapy with CRYOCLINICS Australia.

Post Treatment Assessment

– Complimentary 3 week review post treatment


– We only use the latest technology. Once technology is tested and approved, it continues to be regulated through post market monitoring and standards enforcement.
– We are 100% committed to patient safety.

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