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CRYOCLINICS Australia Franchise

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Have you ever dreamed about owning your own business but couldn’t afford the start up costs or not sure of the type of business you could start?

Are you passionate about health and wellness or improving people’s self esteem?

Or are you just looking for a fun and profitable business venture with an impressive return on investment?

Well if you fall into any of the above categories, a CRYOCLINICS Australia (CCA) franchise is the right business for you.

The founders of CCA have combined extensive experience of over 12 years as both:

  • an international fitness club franchisor and franchisee with the world’s largest gym brand with over 25 fitness clubs across Australiasia under ownership and management; and
  • a beauty clinic franchisee with Australia’s largest and leading beauty and laser clinic.

CCA has spent many years assessing the best cryo equipment in the market both locally and internationally, and has chosen the best machines manufactured in Poland, Spain and the USA to deliver its effective and proven recovery and beauty treatments in the safest possible manner.

Once you submit your franchisee application, and are successful, we will get you started with your on-boarding process which includes an outline of the upfront and ongoing support we will provide you with:

  • Comprehensive learning and development program, including the following modules as part of the curriculum, (a) clinic management and operation, (b) business development, (c) sales, (d) marketing, (e) treatment management, and (e) equipment usage;
  • State of the art client booking system and software;
  • Marketing support, both by way of content, and local area and community based marketing
  • Medical team support
  • A dedicated Franchise Business Coach
  • Access to a top tier vendor panel which we have screened to be appropriate for our franchise system. This includes bookkeepers, property managers, legal, booking system software and support, consumable suppliers, IT and telecommunications, printing and signage, and marketing agencies.

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